Catherine Elise 2009
Catherine Elise

She's baaaaack!

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After a year hiatus, prompted by GoDaddy's insistence on a forced manual upgrade of their software,
as well as Slack Daddy's reluctance to spend an evening on the phone with friendly people
in Bangalore, GoDaddy has finally made the upgrade somewhat automatic.  So we did it.

Well, it looks like the whole format of this page changed.  Gone are the little footprints and yellow/ochre background and border.  In comes some sunflower photo and forced new format from the limited selection of templates.  Ya gotta love technology and change, right?  Hey, at least the sunflower is better than the other choices -- photos of people we don't know!

The photo above is the stock standard Christmas card photo we send out, or rather the one we meant to send out. Things got really hectic around Christmas, and we only managed about a dozen cards.  Apologies especially to those who sent us cards and photos and got no news in return.  We haven't forgotten about you; we just have practically no spare time at all these days.

But Catherine Elise has time!
Time for a little garden this springtime!

Daddy, these are MY radishes, from MY garden!
Catherine Elise planted radishes this year, and here they are.
She pulled them herself, and she looks like she likes them, but she hasn't
bit into one yet.  Once that spice hits her tongue, she's not so enamored of radishes.
May 2009

Catherine Elise was a princess for Halowe'en 2008!  Mommy went as a a cat; Daddy as a cowboy.
The neighbors had a fabulous basement conversion just for the event, with incredibly well-done and very  spooky haunted house.  Catherine Elise wouldn't go near it!  Nor would she go near the silent, black-dressed witch, either.  Nor the blazing orange devil who was just a stocky, friendly kid. 
No, It was a frightful night for a 4-year-old who was glad to be home and safe in her bed.
October 2008

Catherine Elise, on the phone to cousin Lydia.
We're not sure how much Lydia talks, but Catherine sure doesn't say much.
Maybe neither one is actually talking.
November 2008

Thanksgiving with Catherine Elise.
And her buddy George Washington Bear.
And her paper ship sail, real corn, and a cardboard turkey.
November 2008



  Catherine Elise took a "camping" trip to Farmington, Pennsylvania, in Spring of 2008 to Touchstone, where Aunt Helen works.  But this wasn't tent camping; this was easy cabin camping!


It sure was cold in that cabin last night! 
Today is warm, though!
She really didn't notice the cold, to be honest.  But Mommy and Daddy sure did.

Look Daddy!  Our house in the forest!

Touchstone does a lot of adult art and highly skilled crafts,
but they also sometimes do kids' stuff, too

Oh, this is FUN!

Happy Easter 2008

I'm at Grammie's house in my pretty Easter dress!
Do you like it?

And then the photo that we REALLY wanted to post last year when the
whole system went awry with the web site service last year...

Catherine Elise, at Faloon's in Hanover, Pennsylvania
where her cousin Madison had a birthday party.
February 2008



Apologies in advance for all the stuff that might be broken by the upgrade on other pages.
We'll get to it eventually.  We hope.

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