Catherine Elise 2009
Three Years Old

I'm Three years Old!



Whoops, Slack Daddy Webmaster hasn't put much in there between

Catherine Elise's third birthday party and Hallowe'en.   "Much?", you ask?

OK, how about nothing.  Maybe a look through the offline photo archives

can dig something up.



Hallowe'en Goblins


Catherine Elise knows something is up for Hallowe'en.  Unfortunately,

she's not sure if it's good or bad things that will come to visit.

Better get ready for the bad!



Goblins?  Where?!  I'll get 'em!  You stay away, you goblins!


As it is, the Trick-or-Treaters took the same advice as well.  All the
lights were on,
big bowls of candy awaiting, and not one single
Trick-or-Treater.  Maybe it's something about waving a knife around? 



I'm a Mouse


Vacation time, and Catherine Elise is in Chattanooga, Tennessee,
at the Creative Discovery Museum.  It's a break from the 20- hour
drive down to see family in Louisiana.




That "museum" is a huge playland for kids. Catherine Elise had

a couple of hours there to run around and play, so she'd be nice

and tired and sleepy for the next ten hours of driving.



Look, Daddy!  I have a tail!



Hmmmm.... Maybe rock climbing is not for you, Catherine Elise.

This is not exactly a look of confidence -- and she's only 12 inches 

up the climbing wall!




And so after a long drive, Catherine Elise was able to meet up
with her cousin Lydia
and the rest of the family for Thanksgiving!



Giddiyup, Uncle John!!




Merry Christmas














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