Catherine Elise 2009
Catherine Elise's First Year


Here's a chronological archive of photos of Catherine Elise's first year,

mostly in date order.  This page contains photos and comments that

were posted on the home page and other pages during that time.

Anything newer will be on other pages, but if this is the first time

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The First Week


Here are some photos from the first week... and into the second:



Here she is, just twenty or thirty minutes old.  Not so chipper, eh?

Well, not yet.  But Mom sure seems to be doing just fine!





Here's a photo we took of her at one day old, still swaddled up
and sleeping peacefully at Frederick Memorial Hospital.



10 Days Old


Here is Catherine Elise, 10 days old, while a few local visitors
came over to see her at home:



Here are more photos from the same day, thanks to Lou King
of Lou's Brews 




So cute and peaceful.  The visitors are impressed.




Uh oh, now she's getting alarmed at something.





Now Catherine, this is hardly the proper impression to give your visitors!




OK, I get the point!  Now where's that bottle??


One Month Old








My three girls.  Well, we think the bottom one is a girl.

Boy was it hot that day -- heat index in the 110's!

Catherine Elise thought it was great sleeping weather.




Five Weeks Old



Five weeks old to the day.  She's still got the lump on her head

where the doctor dropped her.  (Just kidding!  Normal natural-birth

side effect they say, that smooths out over time.)  She's being

really happy and peaceful for the moment, and sometimes she even

looks at the mirror and wonders who (or what) that is.





Late September 2005 - Road Trip!


Her first road trip!!  Oh BOY!  I'm ready!  Let's go!



And where will this first road trip lead us?  Just to Virginia, not too far.


We bundled her into her chauffered (by Dad) limousine, also known

as The Aztek, and headed south over the Potomac to the curiously

named Breaux Vineyards.  For those who don't know, Breaux is a

VERY common name (but not in Virginia) and guessing that it's

a displaced Cajun running this place is a good guess.  It is in fact

a winery founded by a Louisiana "ex-pat" who came up here some

years ago.  We didn't meet him there but did try his wine.


And so here's Mom with a 2002 Chardonnay and Catherine Elise

with a bottle of vintage 2004 (September) Enfamil.  Yum!



The winery has a beautiful patio area, where you buy their snacks and drink

their wine, of course.  But if you only want to drink their wine, you can bring

your own snacks and eat at their grassy picnic area (sorry, no picture).



If you're in the area and interested in this place, this is it:  Breaux Vineyards,

in northern Virginia northwest of Leesburg, perhaps an hour's drive west of Washington D.C.



But in a normal day, instead of touring wineries, here's one of her favourite activities,

the electric swing:



She loves this swing, and the more it swings, the better.

I bet the stores that sell D-batteries love this swing as well.

(Why don't they make these things run off of a 6V converter

that plugs into the wall?)




And here's a close-up of her, peaceable and happy in her

swing, but a bit surprised at the click-and-flash of the camera.







Oh my, now you've seen her back in her normal state!

"Feeeeeeeed me!"



10 Oct 2004:  Catherine Elise is over two months old, older than in this picture,

and she's definitely more alert.  But this one's so cute, we're leaving it up here!

Does she sleep through the night yet?   Once!  Just once at this point.  She's still

eating and eating, which is a good thing, and she's to the point where she smiles

at us and waves her hands.  Does she recognise people, or does she just smile

at anyone?  Don't know yet.  She'd probably smile at the cat if she saw it.


And here she is at about two and a half months:




Three Months Old


28 Oct 2004:  Catherine Elise is almost three months old!  And she even sleeps

a normal night's sleep -- once a week or so. 


And during this time, Catherine Elise has actually been getting out and about

in Frederick County!  Once a week, the "New Mom's Club" in Frederick gathers

at someone's house and does... I dunno, baby things?  OK, here's one thing

they try to do:  keep nine babies sitting up in a photo lineup while keeping them

smiling and happy.  Oh my, some aren't so happy.  They're ranked youngest

to oldest, left to right, and Catherine is on the left, the youngest of the bunch,

in this (undated) photo.




Three Months Old


Thanks to our friends in Euless for the plethora of excellent toys!

Catherine Elise loves chewing on them, yum!



And yes, you might remember that this photo was once the headline

shot on her web site, but now that she's not three months old anymore,

she doesn't really look like this now.  She's just a LITTLE bit fuller in

the face.  Yeah, just a little.



Learning to Crawl -- or maybe not yet


15 Nov 2004:  Oh my, what a slack webmaster.  It's been over two weeks since

the latest update.  What's the progress?  Catherine Elise is sleeping most nights

with not too much commotion, save a wee-hours feeding.  She's been out to visit

a few people, and had visitors come to see her.  She seems pretty happy when

lots of people are around, actually, and on Saturday she was out at a picnic in

the 45 F temps (7 C) and wind, and not minding it a bit.  (Like father like daughter?)


She's grabbing and holding things, and when she sees the pacifier, she definitely

knows what to to with that -- bring it right to her mouth.  Somehow, though, it always

seems to end up sideways by the time she gets it there, and thus not much use,

so she'll need a bit more work on the coordination part of it.


Here she is making one of her first attempts at crawling.  This is one of the photos

that turned out.  Most of the rest have her face-down on the blanket, or red-faced

and annoyed, or just lying there exhausted.  She'll make it eventually. 





And then (below) back almost comfy again.  Nice grimace:



That's her new doggie, no name for him yet, but nameless or not,

you can bet he's going to get a good slobbering in weeks to come!



Holidays 2004



29 Nov 2004: Thanksgiving Trip -- Catherine Elise visited lots of relatives

and had a great time for this week.  She takes well to people, and she

takes well to being driven around as well.  Here is one photo taken of

her at Thanksgiving, but there are more in the section.




20 Dec 2004: Winter Arrives -- It was warm on Sunday, at least in the midday hours,

a balmy 45 F (8 C), time to get Catherine Elise out for a stroll through the neighbourhood.
Good thing they did that early.  By nightfall, temperatures were below freezing, and the wind

was howling.  Literally.  We could hear it whistling through cracks in doors and windows.

By the morning, the wind was still howling, and it was down to 5 F (-15 C), and probably

not a good day for a stroll at all!





Thanks to Aunt Madge, here's a photo from one of her visits to Grammie.

We think this was during Thanksgiving.



"Who is this person?", Catherine Elise is asking.  Yes, we do need to visit more often.



21 Dec 2004: The Christmas Card Photo -- Greetings and best wishes to you all

for the Christmas season!  Christmas cards are coming.  Eventually.  Eventually.


Oh boy, the aggravation of getting it right at the photo shops.  I won't denigrate any shop

in particular because even the ones where I've had great service from during the year

have had problems in this Christmas rush.  Three retries and still can't get a print right?

Wait, make that five tries at shops in two states.  Nobody can get it right, and some get

it very, very wrong.  Oh well, let's just go the digital route:



Merry Christmas -- and a happy and prosperous New Year, too!                   



Christmas in Louisiana 2004


Catherine Elise took a trip to Louisiana for Christmas, and here she is with

her mom, posing in front of the Christmas tree. 




Whoops, looks like Christmas is over, judging from the lack of presents under the tree! 

She's wearing her Christmas outfit that grandmother gave her.  She needed that hat

for the cold weather.





And here is Catherine Elise out on Christmas Day with Aunt Helen, enjoying

the (very) light snowfall that the New Orleans area had that day.  Helen is

putting on a very good face in this cold, damp weather -- she actually

doesn't like this snow very much and ought to move to Key West, perhaps!




This is about as heavy as the snow got that day.  It did pile up just a little

bit on cars, but the ground was too warm for it to stick.  Yet even that much

was enough to cause chaos and road closures in New Orleans all Christmas day

and on into the next.




Uh oh.  These are some unlucky banana trees.  We picked bananas on

Christmas Eve, before they froze, and with the snow, sleet, and cold that

followed, these trees have had it.  Don't worry, they'll grow back up from

the ground again.


And Catherine made lots more visits during the week of Christmas.

In fact, she was out almost every day meeting new people, and even

though she didn't take to well to it the first day, by the time Christmas

vacation was over, she seemed as though she expected to spend the

day with a whole different set of relatives or friends than the day before.




Here's the Evans family on Boxing Day.  Hey, where's Uncle Peter?  Hmmm...

Sorry Peter, I guess you weren't at hand, so we substituted Sheba the Dog

for you in this photo!  Woof!


And believe it or not, Catherine managed to handle the long vacation

drives pretty well, better than her parents it seems.  But wouldn't you

handle it well if you had a comfortable reclining chair, toys, and food

on demand?





And here's Catherine's strolling outfit.  She's ready to get back to

seeing the neighbourhood again, back in icy Maryland (which is actually

where it did NOT snow and has hardly even been cold since Christmas Day).


She spent a Tuesday afternoon in Frederick City, where she learned somehow

to sit up in her stroller, arms outstretched, grinning ear to ear as the stroller

bounced over cobblestones.  And she kept her balance.  She looked like she

thought she was flying!  Superbaby!  Pity we didn't have the camera then.  

Next time, next time.



January 2005 - Five months old


Back from the holiday travels.  Whew!




And she just got her most recent visitor, perhaps the final run of the Christmas

visiting season?  It's cousin John, up here in Maryland and who came by for

dinner and the playoff games.  Or was it really just to see Catherine Elise?

Yeah, we know!


18 Jan 2005 - Back to the routine!  After all that visiting over the holidays,

Catherine Elise is getting back to her normal pace of life again, and she doesn't

have to put up with being passed around from one person to the next, which she

actually doesn't seem to mind now as much as she did before.  Perhaps seeing

dozens of different people on dozens of different days made her quite used to

changing faces.  Now maybe you could say she's just getting back

"into the swing of things":



And when not in the swing, she has some other things to do and other

toys to play with, heaps of toys in fact.  Just a few blocks here?  What's this,

hardly anything!  It's nothing compared to the boxes and heaps of bright toys

that seem to start appearing in every room of the house!  But I think that

overloaded the red and yellow pixels in the digital camera when we tried

to take a photo of Catherine Elise sitting in the middle of her multicoloured

mountain!  So here's the sparser version in another room with fewer toys:






Catherine's First Snow


23 Jan 2005 - Snow!  Saturday it snowed, with about 6 inches coming down,

and with the howling winds the next morning, some spots in the yard had almost

no snow, and some had drifts of about a foot deep.  In other words, enough in spots

to swallow her up if she was mobile enough to venture out into it!  But she's not

that mobile, and the best she can do is sit next to the snow in the 15 F temps

and wonder what's all this icy wind and white stuff and glaring sunshine.


"Hmmmm... All very interesting, but I'm not sure I want to sit here all day..." 



And was this really her first snow?  Perhaps not the first time there was

even a lot of snow, but certainly the first time she got the chance to plop

down in it -- or to be plopped down in it!


The Christmas Blanket


It's one of several in her blanket collection, all sent to her by friends or made for

her by relatives. Here's one out of her collectiona Christmas quilt made by her




Unlike her "Catherine Koala Blanket" from Australia which she can (and does)

use anytime, the Christmas blanket is a bit seasonal, so you probably won't

see it again until next Christmas.  And Catherine Elise is even in her Christmas

clothes for this photo.  But unlike the blanket, we probably won't see this

Christmas outfit again -- just two months later, she's outgrowing it.



Six Month's Old!  And Dinner Time


It's Catherine's 0.5th Birthday Dinner!  She's six months old,

and so she gets a special dinner of... rice cereal and milk! 


(OK, she gets that every night, but don't tell her that)



"Hey, this stuff tastes just like last night's non-birthday dinner!

 What's going on, eh?"




But she eventually digs in anyway and eats, oh, perhaps two-thirds of it.

The rest she slathers over herself the way some people use aftershave.

Mmmmmmm!  Eau-de-milk-rice-pudding!  That ought to attract the boys!



And then, fat and happy, and in clean clothes, time to play!



Well, nothing special there, same old toys, same old blanket.  She likes it.


Then again, she looks at Daddy (also known as Slack Webmaster) and says

"Look at him in his office:  Same old computers, same old chair and desk.

Every day!  And he still acts like he enjoys it.  I dunno about him."



March 2005


"I'm rich!" says Catherine Elise.  "Look at all my toys!"  Indeed we do look at them.

We look at them almost everywhere.   But especially in the middle of the family room,

which should be known as Catherine's Big Playroom, the toys are scattered everywhere

to keep her entertained.  No wait, they are everywhere as a result of her being entertained.

But she has fun, and that's what counts, right?



Note that she has only dumped one box of toys.  So far.  Good Catherine! 


But even with all those toys in a heap, more or less, Wanderlust still strikes.

And Catherine has finally discovered that there are more ways to get around

the house than waiting for Slack Daddy to come and pick her up.



So she's off on adventures now.  Sometimes to the kitchen.  Sometimes down

the hallway.  Sometimes to the formal living room.  No, come to think of it, almost

always to the kitchen.  Kitchens are baby magnets.  Yikes!



Dressed for Springtime


Thanks to some good friends in California (who we hope come to visit soon, hint, hint)

Catherine Elise is ready for Easter already!  Even though there is still snow on the

ground outside and ice on the patio table, Catherine Elise can pretend that Easter

is just around the corner when she's in her dressy new outfit:



And as it turns out, Catherine Elise did get to wear her fancy Easter Dress

again during the Easter Holiday time.  And of course, she had to wear it especially

when visiting her great-great-aunt Elise!   We found out then that if you want to

really slow down a newly mobile, crawling baby, here's a secret:  Put her in a dress

instead of a legged jumper!  Then the poor little rug rat's knees get all tangled up

in the dress, and she can't go anywhere fast!  Probably would work for boys, too...

I guess.


Anyway, Catherine Elise had a ball on her "Easter Trip", which was spent with

endless visits to new people every single day.  When she was younger, that would

sometimes upset her, but now, she seems to love new people, even when they get

"in her face".  Well, mostly. 


May 1st, University of Pittsburgh


No, Catherine Elise isn't enrolling yet in the university, but she did take a trip to 

Pittsburgh last weekend to visit Aunt Helen, who has graduated from Pitt with a

PhD in Philosophy (Cultural Anthropology) on May 1st, and Grammie,

who flew up for the event.   Catherine and Mom try to stay awake during the event:



But halfway through the almost-three-hour event, Catherine did take a long snooze. 

Not to worry, some of the rest of us were almost snoozing, too, and we might

have even been a little bit jealous of her, snoring comfortably in her stroller while

the speeches droned on...


Here's Catherine Elise and Aunt Helen at the Panther statue a short while after

the commencement ceremony.  What you don't see are the other 1,200 graduates

and their families who all decided to meet under the flags, at the statue, right after

the event!   Given the crowds and congestions in that firetrap of a building, Slack

Daddy Webmaster thought it would have been a lot quicker to meet at a less

popular location.  Say, by the dumpsters in the back.  Fortunately, we didn't

do that, or you might have a less scenic background here:



And off goes Catherine, exploring...  Yes, definitely better here than by the dumpsters.



But she doesn't get far before she's captured again, and so here she is again

with Dad, Aunt Helen, Mom, and Grammie:




Ethiopian Mush


On this same weekend, while Catherine Elise and family were touring Pittsburgh,
she went out for dinner at a typical Pittsburgh eatery:  Abay 
Ethiopian Restaurant --
where people traditionally eat with their hands. 
Naturally, Catherine Elise thought
this was the only way to eat; Grammie was there and was
a bit more skeptical
and took some 
convincing.  But here's a look at the starters, which do look like 
they're made to be
eaten with your hands. 

(The jury might still be out on the main courses, though, things like mashed lentils,
which really are a bit of a mess to eat with your fingers. See a meal photo
and lots
more info on the place at



Mean old Mommy and Daddy, though, ate all the lentils and collards and
mushy lamb stew themselves and
insisted that little Catherine Elise stick
with her bottle. 



Hey, this doesn't taste so special!  Isn't this supposed to be Ethiopian milk? 

Nope.  Sorry, little Catherine.  It's just the usual baby formula for you tonight.
And not even any mush.   She didn't seem to mind.



May/June 2005


Well, nothing much happening here.  It's just Catherine Elise bumbling around
the family room, bumping into chairs and trying to open drawers.  Hmmmm...



Maybe it's dinnertime, little Catherine Elise.  How about some delicious mush?


"Mush!  What?!?!  Again?  All you feed me is mush!  Yuck!"




OK then, maybe we'll have something else.  Like something yummy first,

but just enough to get you really hungry, and then we'll have mush!  Yum!

And what is Catherine Elise's favorite food?  Cheerios, those little round

cereal things.  She loves them.  Hard to imagine they're better than bland,

salt-free rice cakes, eh?  Cheerios do keep her happy as she gets ready

for the main course later, probably something like carrot mush.  Or maybe

pea mush.  Or sweet potato and beef mush.  Oh yum!



Uh oh, just one little Cheerio left there on that tray.  But maybe she's so happy

here just because she sees that jar of delicious mush coming her way.




Looks like she's really lucky, three jars of mush!  Now doesn't that look delicious?



And here she is looking for... something.

Is that Daddy again with that little blinky-flashy box??





Mobile, maybe too mobile!


Go girl!  Catherine Elise is on a rampage!



Yes, she's finally "getting her legs", and even though as of now, at 11 months old,

she's not walking by herself, she sure can stand up and walk around by hanging

onto things.  Or walk with things.  Well, walking around with a chair isn't quite

possible yet, but anything with wheels, look out!



Yes, it's the multicoloured walker "mail delivery cart".  And she can move around

pretty quick with it.  Unfortunately, steering is not yet one of her strong points.



"Hmmm.. this thing's getting harder to push, now that I've jammed

it up against the bookshelves..."



"OK, let's see if we can change direction.  This is a pain..."



"Waaaaaaaaaah!  It's just stuck!" 

Obviously, this is not as fun as it was just a minute ago,

but there are always other options.



"Ga ga gah!  Off we go again!"  And this time, with a load of toys.

And this cart is a lot stronger, too!



A ramming engine!  "Take that, you evil bookshelves!  Ha!  So there!"



The Heat is On - July 2005


Boy has it been hot lately!  So hot that even Daddy and Mommy took time out

to use the pool!  Afternoon temperatures never did get to 100 F, even though it felt

hotter than that, but for about two weeks we had 90's F every day, and on July 27th

it was 99 F (37 C) and lots of nasty humidity as well.  Fortunately, the climate here

doesn't give us that scorching heat all summer long.  Even the pool gets hot in

these temperatures.



Ready to jump in the water, Catherine?  "Yes!"



And there she goes, in her floatie, of course.  With Daddy helping

her along, splash, splash, splash!



"Ah, the lazy days of summer!  Now push me around this pool some more, please!"  



August 2005 - Walking Around at Last


And what better time to start walking than right about her first birthday.

Within a week or two, Catherine Elise can walk all over the house.  Oh my.




Nothing is safe now, at least nothing that's less than 30 inches from the floor.

And Daddy has been installing more and more baby gates through the house,

as well as moving more and more things out of reach.  Funny, but having a

little kid walking around the house soon makes everything seem to "move up"

all around the house!




"Ah yes, all my toys right here on the bookshelves...

 But when can I get to those tasty books up there, Daddy?"


You might notice that the books are slowly but surely migrating upwards,

one shelf every six months.  And if Catherine Elise keeps growing at the

same rate, then all the books might well be in the attic in just a couple

of years!


But now it's about time to close out the first year's chronology. 

Yes, Catherine Elise is one year old now!



Happy Birthday to Catherine Elise!

   One candle for one year old!


  Continue on to see Catherine Elise's !




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