Catherine Elise 2009
Where Catherine Elise Lives

Where Catherine Elise Lives



Here's where she plays in the back yard and pool, at least when she's supervised. 

The pool only looks like this during the six warm months, just in case you wondered. 

Even so, by the time autumn arrives, the pool might still be open, but it's usually

cold enough that Catherine Elise doesn't like all that ice water around her legs.



That was early autumn.  Just a couple of months later, it looks a little bit different:



Oh my!  The swimming pool has become an ice rink!

It was +6 F outside this morning.  That's -14 C.  Brrrrrrr....


This is summer by the front porch, a week after a nice,

drenching rain left everything green.  And terribly humid.




How cold (or warm) is it out there right now, anyway?


If you're running a recent Internet Explorer or Mozilla,
here's a link
showing the current weather and forecast
Catherine Elise's neighborhood:

Click for Forecast

(If you can't see the box above, you might be able to click
on the blank space above here anyway, and it will show you...)



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