Catherine Elise 2009
Attack of the Roomba

Catherine Elise says

"Yikes!!!  What's this animal?!?!"


Ever seen one of the Roomba robot vacuum cleaners? 

Well, Catherine Elise hasn't either, not till today.





"What's this thing?  It makes noise, it hums and clanks,

 and it even moves all around.  I better watch out!"

                                                                                                                                     "And it's in my way, too.  OK, it's headed for the wall now,

                                                                                                                                       so let's see if we can tip-toe around this little beast..."











Eeeee-yikes!  I think Roomba's after me!  Better dodge this monster.


Catherine Elise isn't sure what Roomba will do if it gets her,

but she is sure that she's not going to stand there and find out!




She keeps her distance.  Interestingly, as Roomba clanks and grinds and
changes direction back and forth at random, Catherine Elise expresses
absolutely no desire to reach out and grab Roomba.  None at all. 
This might be the first new plastic shiny thing that she has not wanted to grab.
In fact, Catherine Elise is more than happy to let Roomba run off
away from her, though she does get concerned at what Roomba
might end up doing.  Or what Roomba might end up eating.
Hey, get away from my foot, you!  And away from my yellow lawn mower!
And so Roomba does get away from her foot.  In fact, Roomba knows when
it hits a foot, or a wall, or a chair, and reverses itself or changes direction a bit,
and then continues on vacuuming.  Once Roomba gets under the table, though,
tangled in the chair legs, it can take a while to figure a way out.  But so far,
Roomba has always been successful.
Toys for Supper, says Roomba!
Roomba navigates under the table and through the chair legs, but...
oh NO!  Now Catherine Elise is really concerned.  She sees that
Roomba is headed in a zig-zag path that is leading to her toys!
"You!  Get away!  Get away from my toys!!!  Go!  You!  Out!"
Oh no, poor toys, soon to be trapped by Roomba. 
Catherine Elise is not looking happy about this.
And soon enough, Roomba is pushing into the corner, flailing away
at the toys and making grinding and sucking noises.  Oh, poor toys.
Catherine Elise knows this cannot be good, but she dares not get closer!
And then...  Roomba gets hung up on the wooden divider:
Ha!  Now I'll get you, Roomba! 
Catherine Elise prepares a karate chop.  But in the end, she is just
too cautious, and Roomba extricates itself soon enough and goes on
wreaking havoc in the family room, while Catherine Elise continues
to make her very watchful approaches -- or to flee in panic if Roomba
turns in her direction!
Aiiiiieeeee!  Roomba is coming, Roomba is coming!





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