Catherine Elise 2009
Ice Storm

Ice Storm


A big snow, sleet, and ice storm hit us this February, and here

are some photos of the ice.  No, there are no photos of little

Catherine Elise here because like most of the other kids in this

neighbourhood, she's not even allowed outside of the house. 

Too many people are ending up in the emergency room after

slipping on the ice, or sledding and hitting a fence at 40 mph

on slick ice.  (Two people killed while sledding in this county

in the last week, yikes!)



Here's the front yard.  You can't walk on it unless you wear

crampons from your latest glacier climb; otherwise, you'll end up

on your back, flailing for a grip on the ice as you slide down to

the house.  Like Catherine Elise's Daddy did when he went down

to the barn to get the pickaxe!





Up by the road, here are the slabs left from clearing around the mailbox.

The newspaper man will toss the paper in snow if need be (saving us a

walk up to the road, if only he hits the ice right so the paper slides down

toi the front door!).  The mailman, though, might not deliver if he can't

get to the mailbox.





The first morning, the snowplow came by and cleared the road, unfortunately

pushing all that snow up against the driveway.  Then it all froze solid, requiring

a pick axe to break it into chunks and clear enough room for the car to get out. 

Fortunately, we parked the cars up top before the storm, so it only took an

hour of chipping to break through that -- nice and clean now, see below! 

Then it was time to chip at the really bad ice underneath.






After a few hours of work, chipping the slabs with the pick axe and then

shoveling them aside (or lifting them by hand), here's the result. 

The car is free!  And we even have a walking path to the house!






There's still a lot of ice left stuck to the pavement, though.

And it's slippery!  You might be able to see it here by the reflection.



Definitely needs salt and grit.




Another half day of work later, half the driveway is finally done!  A bit of salt

clears it off nicely.  Unfortunately, there is no more salt to be bought in

Frederick County.  All sold out everywhere, even the water softener salt.






And where did all that ice go? Some of it is piled up here against the fence.






And others chunks were just stacked against the fence upright

when I carried there.  Lesson learned about throwing and sliding it

when I destroyed a yard light as one tossed slab disintegrated and

pieces slid and slammed into other things.  So from then on, the biggest

ones got stacked.


Maybe we can call these the Frederick County Alps.






Here are a lot more smaller slabs only a foot square.  These were chipped and

pried loose and thrown on the yard side of the driveway, where they'd hit the

sheet ice and slide down into a pile here.  Nice lawn, eh?






Looks like the truck is stuck for a while, though.



And as I write this up, the snow is coming down hard

and blowing sideways.  Oh no!  Not more shovelling!




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